Member Since 2007.​ 

Adorafolds Scottish Folds Cattery

Member of the Scottish Fold Breed Council since 2009.


Adorafolds is a small CFA registered cattery in central Massachusetts breeding CFA registered Scottish Fold cats that have grand champion and champion bloodlines.


Breeding & Raising

thoroughbred cats

Scottish Folds are a medium sized cat that are generally very quiet and easy going.  They are easily recognized by their folded ears and large expressive eyes.  Scottish Folds come in two ear types - folded and straight.

I have had a long love affair with the Scottish Folds but only in the last several years have I had the time to breed and show.  

As a responsible breeder I only breed straight to fold ear.

All my folds are FRLV and FIV negative, DNA tested PKD negative.

My folds are also part of the family and are raised in my (their) home...not cages.  They are socialized with adults, children and dogs.